We believe


have infinite potential

The Problem

Companies hire the
wrong people 80% of the time


This is costing companies billions of dollars in turnover and low performance.

39% Turnover

Annually in the U.S. (BLS)

29% of Employees

Engaged at Work (Gallup)

150% of Salary

Cost of Turnover

Lack of Information

Lack of Information

Companies hire low performers because they lack the information needed to identify top performers.

Lack of Candidates

Lack of Candidates

Additionally, companies often do not have access to top performers.

The Solution

Hire great people
by "cloning" top employees


If you could "clone" your top performers, how would that impact revenue? Harvard found that science-driven hiring practices can increase revenue by as much as 27x.


When people are succeeding in their jobs, they stay. Decrease turnover by hiring people who are most likely to be top performers.


We believe people have infinite potential. People can make a company legendary. Build a legendary company by "cloning" top employees.

Cloning Machine

Hiring the right person requires a lot of information and lots of candidates


Hiring the right candidate requires lots of useful information about the candidate, position, and company. JobPiper clones top performers based on abilities, behaviors, education, experience, income expectations, & locations.


Successful hiring requires access to lots of great candidates. JobPiper’s powerful competitive advantage is a database of candidates who can be matched to a company.

Cloning Platform

Using the information gathered about candidates, positions, and companies, JobPiper’s cloning platform automatically predicts which candidates are clones of your top performers.

How it Works

4 steps to start cloning

Step 1

Create a cloning benchmark

MX had their top and bottom performing employees complete a JobPiper profile. We used the results to create a cloning benchmark
(seen on the right).

The “Low Performers” benchmark validates the accuracy of the cloning benchmark by showing how low performers differ from top performers.

View a Cloning Case Study

Step One
Step 2

Invite your applicants to create a JobPiper profile.

MX received 50 applications for their sales job from various job boards. After a quick review of the resumes, they filtered out those who didn't fit their minimum requirements, then sent invites to the remaining applicants to complete a JobPiper profile.

The applicants were scored and ranked against the MX benchmark. This allowed MX to focus on candidates who are most likely to be future stars at the company.

Step Two
Step 3

Clone your top performers

After creating a cloning benchmark and identifying the attributes that make a top performer, MX can find a "clone".

Ashley completed a JobPiper profile. Her results are compared to MX's cloning benchmark to see if she is a good match. Job candidates like Ashley who match MX's benchmark are more likely to be top-performing employees.

Step Two
Step 4

Let JobPiper find clones for you

We’ll do all the cloning work, but you can have all the glory. JobPiper provides candidates from its database who match your cloning benchmark.

You just interview the clones you want, make a hiring decision, and become a legend.

Job candidates in JobPiper's database

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JobPiper is a platform for "cloning" your best employees: discover patterns in
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