If you could "clone" your top performers, how would that impact revenue? Harvard found that science-driven hiring practices can increase revenue by as much as 27x.


When people are succeeding in their jobs, they stay. Decrease turnover by hiring people who are most likely to be top performers.


We believe people have infinite potential. People can make a company legendary. Build a legendary company by "cloning" top employees.

About JobPiper's Cloning Benchmarks

The goal of a Cloning Benchmark is to give you the information you need to hire more people like your top performers--in other words, "clone" them. Data is gathered from employees through online surveys. These surveys assess various attributes (e.g., Candidness, Assertiveness, etc.). Survey data is analyzed to produce the Cloning Benchmark and compare an individual's survey results to that benchmark.

About MX

MX, headquartered in Provo, Utah, is a leading provider of omnibanking technologies.

Step 1: A look at the Top Performers

Top Performer Benchmark pop-1 pop-2 pop-3

Step 2: Comparing the Low Performers

Top Performer Benchmark pop-4 pop-5 pop-6

Step 3: Comparing New Employees

Top Performer Benchmark pop-4 pop-5

Step 4: Diving into the Attribute Descriptions

Top Performer Benchmark pop-9

Clearly, MX’s Top Performers scored differently than their Low Performers.
This verifies that MX’s cloning benchmark is accurate.

"Hiring people based on matching attributes [like JobPiper's cloning method] is exactly how I want to build a sales team."

Team Member

Chad Perry

EVP Sales at MX
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